Save Our Animal Rescues (S.O.A.R.)

Gandhi said "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." Save Our Animal Rescues is dedicated to providing critical medical and surgical care to injured and abused animals. We work with our local rescue community and ensure each injured animal is given the financial help it needs. Please become a member and help us change our world.



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Mission Statement

"To provide financial assistance to all species of animals in need of life-saving medical or surgical care who otherwise would be euthanized. This mission will be accomplished through (1) fundraising, (2) education of the community about available resources for animal wellness and (3) cooperation with local animal rescue organizations, veterinarians, and other care providers. The success of our organization will be measured by the reduction of animals euthanized in our local shelters due to lack of medical funding."


SOAR 5th Annual

Santa Paws

Winter Bazaar 

Saturday, Dec. 12th   11:00 to 4:00

NEW LOCATION:  2nd Stage Amherst

(2nd and Washington St.)

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Our Success Stories - please donate so we can continue to help the animals!

The pictures below represent many of the animals we have helped.  Some of these animals were local rescues from the Amherst Humane Society.  Others belong to owners who experienced a financial hardship when faced with a pet's medical emergency.  SOAR helps both rescues and low-income owners by providing the financial assistance needed to save the animal during a medical crisis.  All the animals were thankful for the support that SOAR provided.  Please donate -  100% of your donation will go directly to helping another animal in need.   All donations are secured through PayPal and are tax deductible.  Please help us help the animals.
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OurSuccessStories/doglgofer.jpg OurSuccessStories/dogballs.jpg OurSuccessStories/perry_web.jpg OurSuccessStories/misha_1_web.jpg
OurSuccessStories/ginger_web.jpg OurSuccessStories/bessie_web.jpg OurSuccessStories/charcoal.jpg OurSuccessStories/Buddy2.jpg
OurSuccessStories/zara_web.jpg OurSuccessStories/molly_for_web.jpg OurSuccessStories/Echo_for_Web.jpg OurSuccessStories/yoto.jpg
OurSuccessStories/mikey.jpg OurSuccessStories/fat_boi.jpg OurSuccessStories/mitt2_web.jpg OurSuccessStories/bob_web.jpg
OurSuccessStories/Dieselnewverybest.jpg OurSuccessStories/drako_12413.jpg OurSuccessStories/bubblesWEB.jpg OurSuccessStories/raisinette2.jpg
OurSuccessStories/NoelWeb.jpg OurSuccessStories/Lillyno2Web.jpg OurSuccessStories/puss_n_boots2.jpg OurSuccessStories/knothead.jpg
OurSuccessStories/toby_web.jpg OurSuccessStories/honey.jpg OurSuccessStories/pug.jpg OurSuccessStories/Nellbeforefullbody.jpg
OurSuccessStories/misha_1.jpg OurSuccessStories/sarah_12.jpg OurSuccessStories/Destiny2.jpg OurSuccessStories/winnieafter.jpg
OurSuccessStories/phoebe4.jpg OurSuccessStories/bandyweb.jpg OurSuccessStories/brenna_3.JPG OurSuccessStories/tito.JPG
OurSuccessStories/MooShu_after.JPG OurSuccessStories/RayRay-good.JPG OurSuccessStories/hiko_great_pic.jpg OurSuccessStories/Lexi.JPG
OurSuccessStories/Princess.jpg OurSuccessStories/chips_goodell2.jpg OurSuccessStories/Abbie.jpg OurSuccessStories/Henry.jpg

Our nonprofit is dedicated to helping all animal rescues find their forever home, happy and healthy.  (Click for

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